Friday, July 25, 2008

Self Congratulations and Thanks

14th & You's first birthday is coming up on August 31st. I will also mark the end of my fifth year as a Logan Circle resident on August 16th. Since Mr. 14th & You and I started writing, we have garnered over 44,000 hits to our site. It's really wild to imagine the incredible number of site visitors whom we have never met but who want to read what's on our minds. Many thanks are in order to those who think highly enough to link to us. DCist has been a source of over 11,000 site visits. Not far behind as referral sources are our fellow neighborhood bloggers and businesses. Help us out in thanking them and check out their sites:

Prince of Petworth
Bloomingdale (for now)

Thank you also to all of the 386 sources who have linked to us. We're thrilled to have caught your attention, even if you don't all like us or always agree with us.

And to the bloggers who did not respond kindly to our friendly overtures, I send a raspberry and a "neener, neener" in your general direction. I'm that mature.


IMGoph said...

congratulations! many more happy hits!

Amanda said...

Happy almost 1st birthday!

Jason said...

Hurrah! Your website and I share the same birthday ... except I'll be 32