Friday, July 11, 2008

Assault at 17th and R Last Night?

According to an eyewitness account, 17th St. between Q and R last night was flooded with cops and EMS vehicles after an individual supposedly was assaulted with a knife. Details are sketchy at the moment, so if anyone can point us towards anything more substantive, please do.


Anonymous said...

Trying to find out -- Matt of Borderstan

Anonymous said...

i live at the intersection. from what i have heard, a guy in a pink shirt was walking down the street and another guy was following him, walked up to him, stabbed him and ran away. he did not steal anything. the stabbing victim was bleeding and called 911. a cop was in the 7-11 at the same corner, but was unable to catch the guy. there were witnesses and it happened around 7:30 pm with the patios at the restaurants at the intersection filled with customers. the police had R blocked off for awhile afterwards with evidence marked with numbers and photographed.