Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[Breathless Tone] ROGUES STATES IS COMING TO 14TH AND U (or are they?)

Goodness, we step away from the blogosphere for one day, and what happens? Well, for one, the feds arrested some kook who thought he was doing some scouting for Al Queda by videotaping some Virginia Metro stations. (Hint: target the Arlington Cemetery stop after 8 PM).

But what REALLY had people going was today's announcement that recently evicted Dupont burger place Rogue States would be relocating to 1931 14th Street NW, in the vacant space formerly home to Bargain World.

Well, OK, the announcement wasn't made today, per se. It was actually made about two weeks ago, in a statement made under oath by Rogue States' owner during their legal battle with mega-law firm Steptoe and Johnson regarding the ventilation--or lack thereof--from their restaurant. Rogue States, you may recall, was forced to close that location.

But still, Holy Belated Restaurant News, Batman, there could be a new burger joint on 14th Street! If this move pans out, the guys over at Desperado's can't be too thrilled at yet another deceased cow purveyor only a block or so away.

It should be noted, however, that Rogue States' move isn't quite a done deal. According to comments made to the Washingtonian, Rogue States owner Raynold Mendizabal indicated that he was counting on revenue from the Dupont location to pay for the opening of the 14th Street location. With the Dupont location now sucked into the grease trap of history, it's unclear whether Mendizabal will be able to move forward with the 14th Street location.

Even if he doesn't, another burger/hot dog joint is destined for 14th Street anyway, with the eventual opening of "Standard" in the former Garden District spot at 14th and S.

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IMGoph said...

how did you get this extra news that other sites didn't seem to have? i'm curious, i thought news just fell out of the sky and landed on blog pages...