Monday, October 4, 2010

Area ANC Candidates to Appear at October 14 U Street Neighborhood Meeting

Candidates for area ANC races in both ANC1B and 2B will be at the upcoming U Street Neighborhood Association meeting on Thursday, October 14. Details are below. Meetings take place at the Source Theater (1835 14th Street) in the second floor rehearsal room.

Additional information can be found on the USNA's website.

Want to find out more about the folks running to be your ANC Commissioner? All of the candidates that are running within the boundaries of U Street Neighborhood Association will be speaking at our October 14th (Source, 1835 14th Street, NW; 2nd Floor Rehearsal Room) meeting including:

ANC 1B01 - Myla Moss;
ANC 1B02 - Peter Raia, Tucker Gallagher, Aaron Spencer;
ANC 1B04 - Deborah Thomas, William Girardo;
ANC 1B11 - Gail Hollness; and
ANC 2B09 - Ramon Estrada, Sunit Talapatra.

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