Friday, April 8, 2011

The District's Plan for a Shutdown

EDIT: Ehrm, never mind. For now, I guess.

Right now, we're on the brink of a federal government shutdown, should Congress not pass a FY2011 budget before midnight tonight. Should the government shutdown, it threatens to have a substantial impact on the District, since all money in the District's budget--even though the majority is locally raised--is doled out via an appropriations process.

Putting aside the utter ridiculousness of this entire situation, the District has put together a PowerPoint presentation which outlines the impact the shutdown will have on District government operations. The most significant impacts will be felt in the areas of transportation and parking (no DDOT work, limited parking enforcement, no street sweeping), libraries (all closed), DCRA permitting (shutdown) and the DMV (also shutdown). This is in addition to the vast number of District employees who will be furloughed throughout the duration of the shutdown.

The full PowerPoint can be viewed at this link. And for those of you who might be furloughed next Monday...see you at the bar.

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Anonymous said...

The Mayor and most of the Council stood up for our rights yesterday. Where was Jack Evans? "Manning" the phones? I hesitate to use the idiom...