Friday, June 5, 2009

Look! It's the Real World Cast!

...or perhaps just a bunch of interns looking to get high? Not sure, but whatever it is apparently we've got the scoop over here, at least according to why.I.hate.DC's predictions on who is going to break stories about the upcoming "Real World" DC filming.

A small bone to pick with their predictions: they've got Prince of Petworth tagged as the blog most likely to provide proof of the location of the "Real World" house. I'd like to point out that an anonymous commenter on here a couple of days ago indicated from a "good source" that the house will be located on the southwest corner of 20th and S streets. And if an unsourced quote from an anonymous commenter isn't considered "proof", then I don't know what is.


Old Prospector said...

Not sure how to link to it, but you all should check out the google street view of the SW corner of 20th and S...specifically, the man who appears to be ASLEEP on the stairs next to what I assume is the house they may occupy.

Anonymous said...,-77.044807&spn=0,359.996438&t=h&z=19&layer=c&cbll=38.913901,-77.044806&panoid=b2-KRG07Soa1WXgKOUkDSg&cbp=12,275.88,,0,-4.36

There's the link. I, too, noticed the sleeping random, but I think that's *the same* house, not the one next door.

Anonymous said...

Review the building permits approved by DCRA for 2000 S Street, and you might get decent confirmation on that anonymous source.

Mr. Other Upper NW said...

A quick search shows the house renovations being done at 20th and S streets are being done for an applicant by the name of "DLB 20TH LP", which is a limited partnership company registered in 1988 to an nattorney with offices on Wisconsin Ave. So unless this attorney has for some reason been contracted by the show to handle the repairs, there's not much to go on there.

Anonymous said... is reporting on the Real World house at 20th & S:

Anonymous said...

There's about 5 permits for that address in May. One converting its use from offices to residential. And another is one of the biggest electrical permits you'll see for a "residential" building of this size. Trust me, that's the place.

Anonymous said...

Why would you link to that website? Don't give it the time of day. I hated many cities I lived in, but I didn't rain on everyone's parade by blogging about it.