Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fire at Policy, 14th Street Temporarily Closed

It doesn't seem to be anything major (no smoke clouds billowing up into the sky at least), but around 8:45 PM this evening there was a fire reported on the second floor of the recently opened Policy near 14th and T streets.  At least half a dozen EMS vehicles responded, with police closing 14th down in both directions between S and U.

As of 9:00, the fire--however large it was--appeared to be contained, and despite a few chilly diners standing outside and some traffic disruptions, all seemed to be OK.

The American food-serving restaurant/lounge opened last week in the renovated former space of a second-hand shop.  For more about Policy, check out Metrocurean's post on it.

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actually, the best thread on Policy is here:

Truthtini, anyone?