Monday, November 24, 2008

DC to suspend parking tickets, er, street sweeping November 30

Rejoice, all ye who do not drive to work and frequently forget to move your vehicles, for the city announced today that the annual cessation of street sweeping will commence on November 30. That means, no more seeing the street sweeper go by at 8:45 AM, and then seeing DC parking enforcement out ticketing vehicles at 10:00 AM.

Then again, maybe you will...

The full text of the announcement is below.

Weekly Residential Street Sweeping Ends November 28

The DC Department of Public Works (DPW) has announced that weekly, (signed) residential mechanical street cleaning will end for the season Friday, November 28, 2008. "No parking/street cleaning" restrictions will be lifted and motorists may park along posted, alternate-side, daytime street sweeping routes without being required to move their cars on street-cleaning days.

Residential street sweeping is suspended for public safety concerns during the winter. Sweepers emit a fine spray of water to keep dust down as they sweep; but when the temperature is at freezing or below, sweeping is discontinued to prevent freezing and accidents to vehicles and pedestrians.

Overnight sweeping scheduled for the District's major roadways, such as Pennsylvania, Georgia, Constitution, Independence Avenues and others, will take place as usual all winter, weather conditions permitting. Motorists are urged not to park in these areas during the posted overnight sweeping hours.

By suspending the street sweeping program, DPW personnel will focus on leaf collection and the upcoming snow removal season. Residents and business owners will be notified when street sweeping resumes again in the spring of 2009.


Sean Robertson said...

Why don't they just end it permanently or sweep around the cars (like they already do in parts of Capitol Hill)? I fail to see the necessity of this service.

14th & You said...

Apparently, street sweeping picks up tons of garbage every week. Literally tons. Yet, many blocks near our home don't look much improved by the sweeping. Regardless of whether it's sweeping season or not, I always see lots of garbage in the storm drains and plenty of back-ups on rainy days.

Anonymous said...

sean robertson you suggest something both foolish and rather obnoxious. let's let garbage collect on the streets, storm drains clog, disease rot and filth to permeate society and the coming plague upon us all!

Ryan said...

keep in mind that littering was only turned into a ticket-able offense in DC last year.

in my hood, Columbia Heights, there is constant litter in the street, yards, etc. Cap Hill has a slightly different demographic, of course. :)