Thursday, October 30, 2008

Important Neighborhood Happenings

There's a lot going on in the hood over the next couple of weeks, and rather than hash it out over several posts, we thought we'd just put it all out there in one handy post.

11th Street:  When is it going to start/end?
Unfortunately, we can't answer any of those questions, because it doesn't seem as if there are any answers to be had.  However, next Thursday, November 6, DDOT will be hosting an informational session about the project including, presumably, when it will begin.  From ANC2f commissioner Mike Bernardo:

On Thursday, November 6, at 6:00 pm the District Department of
Transportation (DDOT) will provide the public with an update on a
roadway construction project along 11th Street from L to O Streets,
NW. The meeting will be held at the Asbury United Methodist Church,
located at 926 Eleventh Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001.

The improvements in this area include roadway reconstruction,
sidewalks, street lighting, intersection and signal improvements,
enhancements to traffic operations, pedestrian amenities, and safety

Thursday's briefing with residents and businesses in the area will
provide an update on construction timing, phasing, and traffic
management, as well as DDOT's plans for coordinating with utilities
and private developments in the area.

Information will continue to be distributed throughout the
construction of this project.

For more information please contact the construction manager, Mr.
Osman Mohamed; or DDOT's project engineer Mr. Michael Conley at (202)

The project's public outreach coordinator, Martha Kemp can be reached
by e-mail at mkemp@volkert. com or by phone at (202) 237-6269.

Shocking News:  Furniture Store Coming to 14th Street?

As DCist reported earlier this week, it seems that big box Crate 'n Barrel lookalike "Room and Board" is in the running to move into the new project at 14th and T, beating out a proposed comedy club that had financial backing from Dave Chappelle.

Because, you know, that's exactly what 14th St. needs--another furniture shop. Now, don't get me wrong: as anyone who has read this blog knows, we're fans of the furniture scene that has developed along 14th St. Heck, Mrs. 14thandyou wrote an entire post about it not too long ago. But I think it's saf to say the market has been saturated by this point. If you can't find what you're looking for along 14th St., what, a drive to West Elm or Crate and Barrel is going to kill you?

Plus, I just have to add one final comment about the name of the new store, "Room and Board": Ugh.

Efforts to Curb World's Oldest Profession Continue

We've all seen it at some point: a woman of the night waltzing around the 'hood, maybe along the AYT Auto lot, maybe behind the Mr. Wash. And we'd all be thrilled to eradicate it from the neighborhood. Well, the City Council's Public Safety Committee has got a meeting for you.

Phil Mendelson and the committee will convene a meeting to discuss efforts to combat prostitution in the District next Friday, November 7 at noon. Unfortunately, the 14thandYous have prior commitments with our employers, but we both feel this is an important neighborhood issue. Hopefully, someone can attend and report back as to what efforts the city is undertaking to stem the tide of people paying for sex.


Neil MacLean said...

While I agree there is no need for more furniture stores, Room & Board makes some of the nicest stuff.. having said that, there's a few other (way overpriced) stores I wouldn't mind seeing closed.
The comedy club sounded good, though.

Anonymous said...

Agree with sixfive. I defnitely have missed Room and Board since I moved from Chicago. It has pretty good style and the stuff seems to be much higher quality than Crate and Barrel and other similar. A comedy club would have been really awesome, though. Any idea whether the comedy club is out of the works totally or whether they are considering another locale in the area?

Anonymous said...

Room & Board seriously rocks. We would be lucky to have them.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with anon from Chicago, as a fellow Chicago transplant, Room & Board is much missed and would be a welcome addition. That way I can stop having to bring just-big-enough-to-be-awkward items back on the plane :) The comedy club would be as great as well, any other word on that?