Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Tenant for Dakota Cowgirl Space; Fall Opening for Bang & Olufsen

Here's a couple of tidbits of 14th St.-related business news to pass along.

It seems the revamped restaurant/bar in the works for the old Dakota Cowgirl space will actually be two restaurants--not simply one--and that it will be opening sometime around October, or so reports the Post's Tom Sietsema in this week's WaPo magazine. Some of you may remember that the original plans for the space centered around a Brickskeller-type beer establishment, with over 500 beers--and air conditioning--available. Fortunately, those plans are still in the works, but it seems the new establishment(s) will also be food-focused, with the menus for each designed by the chef at Rustico.

The new restaurants--called Birch & Barley and ChurchKey--will also feature a rooftop deck, something not offered during the site's Cowgirl days.

The inevitable "permitting issues" were cited as the reason why the new ventures have taken so long to get off the ground.


We're not certain that our neighbors would appreciate us buying what Bang & Olufsen are selling, but the high-end audio components retailer is set to open up their 14th St. location, at 14th and Q, this fall. Within the past couple of weeks, banners have gone up in front of their storefront, indicating that within a few months you'll have the opportunity to fill your swanky condo with an assortment of audio systems and speakers that look like lightsabers.

How do we know Bang & Olufsen are quality? They don't list prices on their website. (If you have to ask, you won't appreciate the quality...)

BTW, for those who are into this type of thing, you can visit their website and sign up to be on the guest list for their fall opening. Be sure to bring your earplugs.


Anonymous said...

I really miss Dakota Cowgirl. Well, I don't miss the food, but I liked the space upstairs at Titan. It was a gay bar where you could actually do a pirouette and not bump into 12 other people in the process.

Adequate space for pirouetting is an important consideration in the location selection of a gay bar if it is to be financially successful.

Anonymous said...

I give Bang & Olufsen two years. No one buys that style of equipment anymore.

Mr. Other Upper NW said...

You know anon, I was wondering that very thing. I was browsing through their website, and they were selling 6 disc CD changers. I didn't realize people still purcahsed CD changers?

Anonymous said...

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Fredo said...

I've experienced the "quality." It's not worth the price, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

B&O, like Bose, are widely discredited among high-end audio people. The general consensus is that they're overpriced, rich on marketing and thin on substance. I don't know if it'll work as a store here, but I'm no businessman.

Plus, high-end audio and rowhouses do not mix. Well, loud audio and rowhouses don't mix--doesn't have to be high-end.