Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Anonymous Fire in NW?

Alert DC sent out a message this morning that read, in full, "All streets that had been closed due to this morning's fire in the Shaw / U Street area have been reopened. (Florida Ave, 9th St., etc.)"

I love this. First, there was no message indicating where the fire was, or what was involved. Secondly, I particularly like the vagueness of the streets that were affected ("Florida Ave., 9th St., etc.") So, a bunch of streets somewhere in the vicinity of U St., Shaw, 9th St., Florida Ave., etc. were closed, but are now open? Well that narrows it down. And then there's the fact that a message was sent out announcing that the streets had reopened, but no message that the streets had ever been closed.

So...does anyone have any info as to what this fire was about? DCist made mention of a fire at an abandoned church in NW, but I've no idea if that's what this Alert was in reference to.


Anonymous said...

If you watch the Fox5 video linked to by DCist, you will see that the fire was at the abandoned Philadelphia Open Door Church of Christ at the intersection of Vermont and Florida Avenues (next door to the big new "Floridian" condo building).

Mr. Other Upper NW said...

Thanks Caro. No video capabilities here at work. Vermont and Florida would be pretty close to the area loosely defined in the Alert email, so perhaps that was what it was in reference to.