Friday, November 12, 2010

So You Have a Question About the DC9 Case?

Well, who doesn't? Like, what was the deal with the blood in the infamous Washington Post picture? What's going to happen to DC9 now that the ANC voted not to support a renewal of its license? Do police suspect race as a motivating factor?

Today, TBD hosted an online chat (specifically, it was hosted by editor Sommer Mathis) where interested parties could submit questions that had been at the top of their minds. It's actually pretty informative, so if you have a few moments available head on over to TBD and check it out.

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Lauren McK said...

There is a distinction between protesting and not supporting. ABRA recognizes a protest, not the other. There was a long discussion about whether it was necessary to even vote to not support it, since it really doesn't mean anything. As I understood it, the reason they worded it that way was because they wanted more information before going one way or another.