Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One Dead in Drive-By Shooting @ 11th and U

EDIT: MPD have made an arrest in the shooting, which appears to be a case of two rival gangs getting into an altercation at a funeral which led to the gunfire. Stay classy, street gangs.

On a related note, the victim who died--Jamal Coates--appeared in a campaign video for Ward 1 council candidate Bryan Weaver.

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DCist is reporting that one person has died, and two others have been injured, in a drive-by shooting this afternoon at 11th and U streets. Apparently, the shooting somehow involved the procession for Ashley McRae, who was found shot in the backseat of a car on September 18 after a night out at a nightclub in NE.

Ward 1 ANC commissioner and city council candidate Bryan Weaver tweeted at approximately 12:45 that police had covered the body of an African-American male in his 20s, and that Weaver "might know him".

From DCist:

Details about the actual gunfire are scant -- a Ben's Chili Bowl employee that we talked with on the scene said that he saw gunmen fleeing from the scene southbound. Other eyewitnesses also said that two men escaped from the overturned car after the crash and fled on foot. D.C. Fire and EMS are on the scene and evaluating injuries, but there is no word yet on specifics. The car was completely totaled.

Several people were in hysterical tears by the entrance to Solly's at the intersection of 11th and U, and it took several authorities to calm them. Emotions were running very high at the scene; several people who were yelling at police had to forced to leave the scene as they investigated. Detectives with MPD were on their way to the scene when DCist came back to file this report.

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