Monday, September 6, 2010

Next Arts District Branding Meeting to Take Place on Tuesday @ Warehouse Theater

Welcome back, everyone. I hope your commute back into the city were painless (if you left, like we did) or that you enjoyed a long weekend around our fair city if you stayed local.

If you're out and about tomorrow evening, I'd urge you to drop in on the next meeting of the Arts District Branding discussion, taking place at the Warehouse Theater from 6p-8p. This is a tremendous opportunity to engage community leaders, artists, business owners and are organizations in a discussion about how to brand and market what is currently termed the Mid-City Arts District. The decisions that come out of these meeting will ultimately have a substantial impact on the marketing of the neighborhood to city residents and tourists alike, and will thus impact the arts organizations, artists, businesses and residents of the neighborhood.

If you missed the first meeting last week, Borderstan has a great recap of the event. The agenda for tomorrow evening's presentation can be found below. For more information, please visit

Presentations & Street Graphics Competition Update:
6:00 PM - 6:45 PM:
-Welcome by Co-Hosts Alex Padro / Paul Ruppert
-Welcome and project overview by Andrea Doughty, Project Coordinator
-What do we mean by “Branding and Marketing an Arts District?” by Carol Felix, Lead Branding Consultant
-Update on the Streets Graphics Competition by Carol Felix

Dynamic Panel Discussion:
6:45PM- 7:30 PM:
-Jennifer Cover Payne: President, Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington
-Paul Ruppert, Producing Director, Warehouse Theater
-Alex Padro: Executive Director, Shaw Main Streets
-Myla Moss: Board of Directors, Howard Theater Restoration
-Martin Moulton: President, Convention Center Community Association
-Gerry Widdicombe: Director of Economic Development, Downtown DC B.I.D.

Public Dialogue, Questions:
7:30 PM- 8:00 PM:
-Michael Altman, Facilitator
-Andrea Doughty, Project Coordinator

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