Monday, November 30, 2009

Tryptophan Withdrawal: ANC2F Meeting This Wednesday; Liquor for ACKC and Estadio

Welcome back from your long weekend of poultry consumption--I hope you enjoyed this chilly, dreary Monday in the nation's capital as much as I did.

To lighten your mood, we offer a preview of the December ANC2F meeting, to be held this Wednesday.  There are a number of items on the agenda (which most certainly promises to make it a lengthy meeting), but only a few items of particular note.

For those who are not aware, the folks from local chocolate peddler ACKC will be on hand to petition for their liquor license.  This is something that had been discussed for some time, but it was only recently that owners Rob Kingsbury and Eric Nelson elected to pursue a license for their establishment.  Could that mean that an order of amaretto-infused hot chocolate isn't far away?  We can only hope.

Also on the docket in the restaurant arena:  a license for the forthcoming "Estadio" (the new restaurant from the "Proof" team) and expanded sidewalk hours for Commissary so that they can serve breakfast.  (Outdoor breakfast in December?  Maybe someone is hedging their bets on the success of global warming.)

Other items of potential interest:  a discussion of the Franklin School RFP, and the potential revocation of the vacant property tax relief for a property held by the Vermont Ave. Baptist Church.  (Anything church-related always proves sufficiently entertaining.)  Finally, there will be a discussion of the Arts Overlay District Committee's Economic Development Recommendations report.  (More on that item in a later post.)

One final item I would like to point out, briefly.  And I point this out knowing what it says about me, that not only do I read the ANC agendas in advance, but I read them in enough detail to catch things like this.  Chairman Charles Reed is constantly griping about the fact that the meetings consistently run over their allotted time (which they do).  A step they could take towards rectifying that situation could be to put together a more realistic agenda, that doesn't include items like this:

7:25 PM:  DDOT Report
7:30 PM:  Community Announcements
10 Minute Break
7:40:  Business Meeting

So, reading this, there is exactly 0 minutes devoted to community announcements (of which there is one listed on the agenda itself, in addition to whatever might get raised at the meeting).  Why do I doubt that the "Business Meeting" will be commencing promptly at 7:40?

For those interested, more information--and the full agenda--can be found at ANC2f's website.


brap said...

Love the 0 minutes!! funny stuff.

Also, can't wait for liquor and hot chocolate (crossing fingers).

Mikey said...

I've gotten into the habit of checking the Agenda for Space related issues. Still nothing. What in the heck could be happening with this place? They still paying rent, is there still booze in there? I see people pop in and out, but there is still trash out front. Is like the Tiger Woods thing, the mystery is starting to kill me.

Anonymous said...

So what happened with Vermont Avenue Baptist Church? Was this about their large collection of abandoned buildings and surface parking lots?