Friday, November 20, 2009

Pre-Thanksgiving Fun: Final Farmers Market, Christmas Trees

In addition to the all-important OSU - Michigan game tomorrow (Go Bucks), there are a couple of things in the neighborhood that you can do to occupy your pre-Thanksgiving time.

First, tomorrow is the last farmer's market of the year at 14th and U streets--and it looks like they'll luck out with some great weather (sunny, highs in the upper 50s). So, if you're looking to pick up some fresh meat and produce for your Thanksgiving meal, head up to the Reeves Center for your last chance this year.

Secondly, the Garden District will receive their annual shipment of Frasier Fir Christmas Trees this Sunday. So, after you've picked up some fresh squash and spent a day recuperating from celebrating the Buckeye victory, head over to the Garden District for a dose of holiday cheer. In addition to Christmas trees, they're having a 50% off anniversary sale on their perennials, trees, shrubs and other items on their outdoor lot.

So get out there, enjoy the good weather and support your local businesses.


adorenarin said...

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Anonymous said...
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LiLu said...

I was just wondering where on earth to get a Christmas tree in the district! Thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed the Michigan game; we went to Ann Arbor; fun, but it's almost getting to be too easy