Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Observations and Stories from Our Neighborhood

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Obama debate watch at RedRocks was a great time. Obama supporters took over the second floor of the bar and covered every available square foot with chairs. Surprisingly, for such a large group of people, the room was very quiet during the debates -- with the exception of some good and well-deserved heckling. The event served to raise money for bus trips to Ohio in advance of the primary vote. If you could not make it out but would like to contribute, shoot me an email and I will put you in touch with the event organizer. (I don't want to publish her full name or contact information without her permission.)

Ok . . . So here's a few of my recent random observations:
Buying a safety razor in our neighborhood is challenging. (I told you these observations were random.) At the 13th and U Rite Aid, the razors are literally under lock and key. And once a staffer removes the package for you, he or she will escort it to the front counter rather than hand it over to a customer. CVS engages in similar "inventory control" measures. Yet, at both the 1400 and 1600 block locations, it seems that most of the inventory control consists of not having any.

The clementines at Whole Foods this year stink. After a few dry, tasteless, half rotted boxes, I've given up. Trader Joe's has yet to do me wrong though.

There was a man panhandling outside of Whole Foods last night asking passerby for a cup of soup. I was heading into the store and feeling sympathetic, so I asked if he would like for me to buy him a cup of soup. I received an ambivalent response. But he would have greatly appreciated some change. (I won't generally give money, but I will give food, because someone who asks for nutrition is most likely hungry and not looking to swap soup for drugs or alcohol. I will acknowledge, however, that any handout probably encourages begging.)

It seems that every time I walk down the 1400 block of P Street, there is some sort of new and special street destruction going on. This week the sidewalk has been completely removed from the area around the bus shelter on the southwest corner. I hope that no one had a yoga class at Flow after 8 this morning.


mediocre bad guy said...

In response to the sidewalk destruction: Maybe that's where the new SmartBike Station is going in! WOOHOOO!!!

Mr. 14th & You said...

We could only hope. There's only going to be about 100 bikes or so...seems like a pitifully small amount in comparison to the number of people who might make use of them, particularly with warmer weather on the way.

Catherine said...

re: clementines at Whole Foods, I've found the ones in the bags, not the crates, have been good. Plus, I don't need a car to get them home.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the clementines. we bought the ones in the crate. i took one to lunch, peeled it, only to find it was molded on the inside. gross. then... to make matters worse, two days later half of them were covered in mold. what a waste of money. i wanted to return them but my partner threw them out. so.... what's the point of shopping at food hole if the clementines at the safeway are way better?