Monday, November 19, 2007

The Third Day of Christmas (Shopping): Gifts for the Working Stiff

Unfortunately, I can't picture the gifts I talk about without potentially violating the copyrights of manufacturers and policies of some stores. I've linked to the websites of the various stores mentioned below so that you can preview some their merchandise and get a sense for their respective styles. Many of the sites also have online ordering.

By the by, I hope that everyone understands that "Christmas gifts" are also suitable for Hanukkah, Kwanza, Yule, Saturnalia, Pagan Winterfest, or any winter solstice holiday you prefer. That said, here are some gift ideas for the desk-bound in your life:

Unusual and Classy Office Supplies
Fahrney's Pens (1317 F ST.) has elegant pen and pencil sets, a huge improvement over the Bics that your giftee is presently using. Prices range from $30 for basic roller balls to over $600 for a limited edition Parker fountain pen.

Bring some individuality to your giftee's office supplies. Letterpress 4"x4" note sheets from
Go Mama Go (1809 14th St.) are an attractive alternative to Post-Its. Next door at Home Rule (1807 14th St.) check out the brightly colored contemporary desk accessories from painted binder clips to scissors shaped like rabbits. Just a hair down the block Pulp (1803 14th St.) stocks fun graphic attache folders from Roger La Bourde.

Anyone who is interviewing, working directly with clients, or thanking donors needs to have attractive thank you cards. A short walk from Go Mama Go, Home Rule, and Pulp is
The Written Word at 1427 P St. which stocks lovely paper goods. There you can find all manner of cards as well as address books and day planners that the Palm averse still use.

Caffeine Dependent

Instead of supporting Starbucks or Caribou by buying their gift cards, get a Firehook "DC Born and Bread" gift card. Your giftee need not live or work in Dupont to redeem the card; Firehook now has locations in Alexandra, Tysons, and all over DC.

Tea drinkers will appreciate loose leaf teas from Teaism (2009 R St.) or the unique Tea Forte pyramid tea bags from Sweet Magnolia (1534 U St.).

We caffeine junkies also need desk mugs and travel mugs. Sweet Magnolia has especially beautiful ceramic mugs with brightly colored designs combining floral and stripe patterns for about $9. They also have more masculine designs including chili peppers and mostly solid colored mugs accented with subtle stripes in earthy tones. Pulp has really fun ceramic mugs including "Bush's last day" and designs from Anne Taintor , "the original vintage humor company." Great durable travel mugs from Bodum can be found at Home Rule (1807 14th St.).

If you know someone who insists on Starbucks, consider buying him a day or week wireless access pass. Passes are available from T-Mobile here. The passes can also be used at T-Mobile HotSpots at airports, Hyatts, Borders, etc.

Working for the Weekend

We've all had the friend or coworker who reliably suffers from a Friday morning hangover. Support their Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights with fun cocktail accessories including flamingo-topped picks and mini umbrellas from Go Mama Go at 1809 14th St. Add to the festive atmosphere at holiday parties with bubble soap packaged in mini champagne bottles from Pulp (1803 14th St.) . For the party aftermath consider an elegant silk eye pillow from Go Mama Go and a Mr. Bump gel ice pack from Pulp, which you may want to wrap up with some Advil and Gatorade.

Politically Themed Stuff
We all know that the Federal Government is the largest employer in the area. Lobbying firms and political think tanks can't be that far behind. If your politically-oriented giftee has a sense of humor, get him a Quotable Notable card from The Written Word at 1427 P St. Cards feature die cut full body photos of politicians as well as stickers with "quotes" from that person. For example, stickers with the George W. Bush card include "Rove made me do it" and "WWJD". If your political junkie giftee is not in the mood for poking fun of politics, head over to AMERICA!'s Spirit in the West Hall of Union Station for more serious gifts such as campaign memorabilia.

The democratically aligned among your friends and family may appreciate the numerous anti-Bush offerings from local stores including magnets, mugs, and stickers from Pulp (1803 14th St.) and Wake Up Little Suzie (3409 Connecticut Ave.).

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