Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More on O Street Market

Roadside Development unveiled its plans for the O Street Market/Giant complex to ANC 2F during the August CDC meeting. The meeting was well attended, and I don't recall a single negative comment about the proposed development. In fact, folks seem to be very excited about the rehab of that lot and plans for other residential and retail development in the area.

However, the Zoning Commission is determined not to approve the Roadside's current design despite overwhelming support from ANC 2C and ANC 2F residents, council members , ANC commissioners, and Mayor Fenty. The Zoning Commission objects to the building height and the high density of development. Many worry that the Zoning Comission's desired changes will limit Roadsides's ability to include extensive parking -- necessary to serve new condo residents, grocery shoppers, and retail customers in this complex.

The Zoning Commission does not provide for citizen testimony of any sort. As we already have the support of our elected representation, there really aren't too many more public figures to appeal to regarding this matter. Our last opportunity to influence the proceedings will be the Zoning Commission meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, December 10 (directions here). Showing our support with a large physical presence is key for impressing upon officials how important this matter is to us.


IMGoph said...

everyone talks a good talk about getting worked up for things in the DC blogosphere here, but we REALLY REALLY need to show up for this meeting and show these zoning pinheads that we mean business. they just CAN'T be allowed to hold down our big chance at getting this part of the city moving forward!

Mr. 14th & You said...

Couldn't agree more, imgoph. Me and the Mrs. were just discussing this afternoon how ridiculous (and patronizing) it is for the zoning board to go against not only the wishes of pretty much the entire neighborhood, but a good chunk of city leadership as well. I find it nothing short of absurd that the zoning board can hijack this process seemingly for the heck of it. Complaints about "density" fall on the deaf ears of this citizen who notes that the proposed development is only blocks from the convention center.

Anonymous said...


6:30pm, Monday, December 10
Zoning Commission
One Judiciary Square, 441 4th Street, NW

UPDATE: Roadside LLC expects to make their presentation earlier than scheduled tonight; those who want to be present to show their support should arrive at 6:30pm.