Wednesday, October 31, 2007

PSA for Those with Fur Children

It may be a little late for this message but I'll put it out there anyway:

I saw a few small dogs on 17th Street last night that looked totally freaked out. (Great race, by the way.) One shaky little guy nearly got stepped on a few times and then, while circling nervously around, wrapped his leash around my ankles. I adore almost all mammals and it kills me to see dogs in crowds shaking, whining, or getting the dribbly poos.

Seriously, think about the things that might make some people anxious -- loud unexplained noises, feeling confined/constricted, or physical discomfort; these things will also make your dog anxious, and he doesn't have the cognitive ability to reason himself out of panic. If you feel really confident and want to take your dog out tonight for a party or to greet the tricker treaters, please be a good parent and tune into signs of distress.

I'll get off my pulpit now . . .

Humane Society Article on Pets and Halloween

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