Tuesday, October 30, 2007

O Street Market Update

At the end of my Friday post I mentioned that the O Street Market plans may have hit a hitch. Thanks to Kevin Chapple's ANC2CO2 Forum for reporting on the zoning board meeting for this project. The board's major hang-up seems to be that the current O Street Market plans call for structures as high as 110 ft. and a higher building density than the surrounding area. Despite Fenty's support for Roadside Development's construction plans, the zoning board is requiring that the developer either re-draft its plans or come up with further justification for a height variance. Apparently there is concern that the planned redevelopment would be out of character for the neighborhood. Hmmm, out of character for a neighborhood that already has the convention center? Anyway, the ANC2CO2 Forum post and comments do a much better job than I could outlining the issues. Seems like the DC gov't. is once again out of line with what many residents and ANC commissioners want for their neighborhoods.

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