Thursday, September 27, 2007

CDC and ANC News

Last night's CDC meeting was a bit of a snoozer. Aside from two homeowners requesting the ANC's blessing for a carport on their property, there wasn't too much going on. In fact, Mr. 14th & You and I were the only other members of the audience.

The most interesting information came in a conversation with Mike Bernardo after the meeting. We discovered that the McCormick Paints lot on the corner of P and 15th Streets will become . . . condos. Yes, more condos for the 1400 block of P. The plans are not, however, a sure bet; a recent zoning change has hampered the original design.

We also learned the reason why the condo building construction at the opposite corner of P Street has been moving at a snail's pace. A discovery of a well under the property created some issues that halted construction for about a year.

In other less interesting news, Mike Bernardo is now heading the CDC. Though Dyer remains on the ANC, he has resigned his position heading up the CDC. Also Commissioner Reed has recommended petitioning the Council to allow ANC input into upcoming city-wide zoning changes. Though the changes are not anticipated to substantially affect commercial or residential zoning, Reed would like to have CDC committee involved in the review.

The agenda for the ANC 2F meeting next week was released today. It is as follows:

- ANC 2F05 Commissioner Election
- ANC 2F Crime and Public Safety Committee Report
- A monthly report from Executive Office of the Mayor
- DDOT's monthly Report
- A Voluntary Agreement Modification for Stoney's, 1433 P Street, NW
- A Voluntary Agreement Modification for Mar de Plata, 1410 14th
Street, NW (10-seat sidewalk café)
- A Voluntary Agreement Modification for Logan Tavern, 1423 P Street,
NW (add 46 seats inside and 14-16 outside to café)
- A Substantial Change in Liquor License for El Sauce Restaurant, 1227
11th (from DR to CR license)
- Hot Spot No Loitering Zone Amendment Act, 2007 Bill #17-111
- Trash Collection at 1107 11th Street, NW

We're happy to see that the Stoney's issue will finally be resolved.

Random note: Have you noticed the large ads for Universal Gear on the east side of the 1500 block of 14th Street? Anyone know if this is an additional location or a wholesale move of the store on 17th Street? I guess it's good that we're getting some non furniture retail between P and U.


IMGoph said...

yeah, they're moving to 14th street. go to the intowner and look in the june issue in the archive. it's in the green box on the left side of page 1.

Clay AIken said...

Kind of off topic, but does anyone know what restaurant is going in at a4th and T? COnstruction is moving quickly, and the liquor license application was for a 3-story restaurant with outdoor seating, but no one seems to know what it is.

Clay said...

sorry 14th and T, caddy corner to St Ex

Mr. 14th & You said...

Clay - We were walking by there last night and were wondering the same thing. I wasn't able to read the permits that had been posted, but you're right, it's going up very fast. Looks like they had some serious excavations to do at that site before they could proceed with construction. Now that it's been excavated, apparently, the structure is shooting up at a rapid pace. We'll do some homework and see what we can discover.

imgoph--thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Hi -

Just discovered this site; it is great.

The Universal Gear store is leaving its 17th Street location and moving to 14th.

14th & You said...


Thanks for the info. and the compliment. We're a fairly new site, which may be why you hadn't seen us yet. Hope you come back soon!

Lance Bass said...

Clay, the restaurant is called Policy. It's going to be 3 levels I thimk. Probably a bar/lounge/ as well. I think it's supposed to be Pan/Asian w Sushi but I could be wrong about that.