Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Plans Take Shape for 24-Hour Jazz/Supper Club at 14th and F

When plans were announced this summer that the Border's bookstore, located at 14th and F streets, was going to be closing and replaced with a new restaurant from the Clyde's group, it seemed like a rather mundane announcement about a new downtown restaurant from a familiar chain.

However, when it was later announced that, in addition to the restaurant, Clyde's had plans to open a 15,000 sf nightclub in the basement of the building, that raised a few eyebrows. In a part of town not known for its nightlife--particularly not on that scale--many wondered what kind of operation Clyde's had in mind.

Now, we're beginning to get some idea of what's to come. From its liquor license filing with ABRA, we learn that the new concept--which is tentatively called "Hamilton Square Grill"--will be seeking a CX (multipurpose) license, which would cover the restaurant, live music venue, and proposed 96 seat outdoor patio. The 35,000 sf space, which includes a 20,000 sf restaurant plus the downstairs nightclub, will feature sushi, a raw bar and, according to Clyde's executive VP Tom Meyer, "comfortable, good food and a menu with drinks."

Perhaps most interesting, however, are the operatiing hours for the space: they are requesting outdoor seating until 2 AM Sunday through Thursday, and 3 AM on weekends, and plan to be a 24 hour operation inside.

That's right: a 24 hour restaurant/club in downtown DC. Those of you who are NYC transplants are likely wondering what the fuss is about, but 24 operations are hard to come by in DC--even in neighborhoods known for their nightlife options.

The Clyde's group plans on a tentative late 2011 opening, but we'll see if that materializes.


Lance said...

Now, Mr. 14th and You ... hold on to your hat ... you may have to read this twice to believe it ... but I think this is very good idea.

I'm sure some people will oppose it. But 14th is (or at least is supposed to be) one of the city's main commercial cooridors. It doesn't have a liquor license moratorium on it like 17th Street does, and it's also different from 17th Street in that it's a wide city-spanning (and state-spanning) road whose role since first built has been to serve more than just being a neighborhood street. It's serves the city ... and the Washington metro area in general. In the same way Connecticut Avenue does some 6 blocks to its west ...

There's a time and place for everything ... And 14th Street in its current rejuvenating stage is the right place at the right time for this 'big city' operation.

Anonymous said...

@ Lance...GREAT !!! So the 24 hr booby bars and the 24 hr bath houses are welcomed back on 14th Street too, Right !?
Bring on the blinky lights !!

Anonymous said...

From the Post:
Meyer envisions a "more adult" music club with a general focus on singer-songwriters. He hopes to book country acts and gospel artists. He hopes to curate free lunchtime concerts. He hopes to host local up-and-comers and marquee veterans. And, somehow, he plans to book it all himself.

Blinking lights.... right.