Saturday, February 6, 2010

Can you find the car in this picture?

The radio antenna on the driver's side might be the only clue.

In other "who's open" news, Cork Market is open today, and doing wine tastings all day. That sounds like a pretty good way to warm up to me.

In case you haven't noticed, the snow has picked up right now--it seems that Logan is smack in the middle of a band of particularly heavy snow at the moment. Also, blizzard warnings have been put in effect until 10 PM. Please be careful out there.


Streets Ahead said...

Great Photo! I have been out there taking photos too - see for style photos!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what's open for brunch towards 18th Street/Adams Morgan? Supposed to meet a friend in the middle for brunch and we have no idea what's open.

Streets Ahead said...

We went to Kramerbooks yesterday - it was open!

Anonymous said...

kramerbooks never closes- im sure people were just sleeping in shifts there! trust me, i did that at work w/ someone else during the 'blizzard of 03,' my first winter living in DC!