Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mugging Confirmed at 13th and R Streets

On Monday, a commenter left the following message in another post:

Just wanted to let you know there was a brazen and odd assault/robbery attempt on the 1300 block of R St. tonight. At about 9:00 p.m. a black male and black woman, both appeared to be late teens-early 20s, attempted to rob a woman by spraying her with mace. They fled the scene in a silver car (possibly Nissan Versa) parked just up the street when neighbors responded. Be on the lookout.

We've since received confirmation of the attack via a report from the MPD which indicates an "assault w/ intent" took place at 9:15 PM on Monday at the corner of 13th and R Streets.

This bit of news, coupled with the recent news about an increase in gun crime in the neighborhood, is certainly cause for concern. But is this part of a larger trend, or merely yet another "typical" summer in the city? Time will tell. In the meantime, please be careful and maintain an awareness of your surroundings. And don't hesitate to contact the MPD should you see anything suspicious.


monkeyrotica said...

Typical August crime waves don't involve Mace. They're either the usual Ward 8 turf fights, Ward 1 smash-and-grabs, or the occasional weekend mugging. This sounds like a new technique which will only result in the Council passing emergency legislation banning self-defense sprays.

Sherri said...

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