Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Local ANCs Get Their 'Meet On

Typically, the first full week in any month means one thing: it's ANC meeting time. There are a number of interesting items on the agendas of the various ANCs whose activities play a role in defining the Logan/Dupont/U Street corridor. Among them:

ANC2F (Logan Circle/western Shaw) will meet this Wednesday evening at the Washington Plaza Hotel at Thomas Circle. The full agenda is available on the ANC's website. Among some of the highlights:

  • City council member Jack Evans will be in attendance to address citizen's concerns. If you attend, you might want to ask Jack about the status of his commercial property tax-lowering bill, which has been discussed--but not yet formally introduced.

  • Two liquor license-related issues will be addressed, including extended operating hours for trendy wine bar Cork and the issue of noise complaints surrounding the recently opened Cafe Salsa.

  • The ANC will also address a proposed vacant property tax increase, which is meant to spur the redevelopment of properties held by landlords who do not see the financial incentive to raise their property from a current state of disrepair.

  • Finally, a somewhat odd item to have on an ANC agenda, the commission will discuss the proposed marriage equality law, which is being address by the DC Council today. I'm not certain what the discussion will entail.

ANC1B (U Street, Shaw, LeDroit Park) will meet on Thursday, May 7 at the Reeves Center. Pertinent items for discussion include:

  • The "U Street Mural" project and an introduction to a new restaurant coming to U Street, the "U Street Cafe".

  • The ANC1B design review and committee will take a look at the proposed U Street Hotel project, whose developer, JBG, is looking for community support for the project.

  • There are also a slew of ABRA matters, including the conversion of Nellie's liquor license from a "restaurant" class to a "tavern" class (see our recent post about this issue as it relates to SaintEx here) as well as a petition for a new license for an establishment called "Dixon".

ANC2B (Dupont Circle) will meet next Wednesday, May 13, and do not yet have an agenda posted.

Additionally, the Cardozo-Shaw Neighborhood Association will hold its May meeting on Thursday, May 14, where--among other things--JBG Cos. will be in attendance seeking support for their U Street Hotel project.


IMGoph said...

oh please (re: cafe salsa). is a new business going to be shut down for being successful before it has a chance to even fully establish itself? please tell me that the ANC isn't going into this with a predetermined bias against the restaurant.

Mr. 14th & You said...

IMGoph, I think the issue with Cafe Salsa has to do with its exhaust fan, which--according to people who live near it--is exceptionally loud. I don't htink it has anything to do with the patronage, operating hours, etc.

IMGoph said...

well, if that's the case, let me apologize for jumping all over the ANC commissioners. there is a history of being anti- there, but certainly, the restaurant should do what it can to tone that noise down...

David said...

Mr 14th and U is correct. The issue is the unbelievably loud kitchen hood. Try living behind it like I do and hearing it from 10am thru 1am many days of the week. Our ANC commissioner Charles Reed has been extremely helpful in working with us to try to get Salsa to resolve the situation. I have nothing but the highest praise for him and the job he is doing as our ANC.