Monday, March 16, 2009

Borderstan Walk-Around

This Thursday those living in Borderstan may be interested in an important neighborhood event. From the Borderstan blog:

What: Borderstan Night-Safety Walk Around. Join police and city government staff for a quick walk around Borderstan. The purpose is to point out dark areas that need lighting, burned out street lights, overgrown trees, etc. The goal is to improve night safety in Borderstan through better lighting and visibility.

When: This Thursday, March 19, 6 p.m. The group will leave 15th and T NW at 6 p.m. and proceed south.

Who: You, your neighbors, representatives of D.C. government agencies. This includes members of the MPD, D.C. Department of Transportation and Andrew Huff, the Outreach and Services Specialist for Ward 2.

Why: You can meet members of the police who patrol West Borderstan (PSA 208) and East Borderstan (PSA 307) as well as your neighbors… and contribute to public safety by working with officials to fix lighting- and visibility-related problems.

Where: 15th Street NW, starting at T Street and proceeding south to Rhode Island Avenue NW. Join us at 15th and T or watch for us as we make our way down 15th Street NW. Our goal is to cover/talk to residents on the 1400- and 1500-blocks of all streets between T Street and Rhode Island Avenue NW

More Information: Contact Andrew Huff at andrew.huff{at}dc{dot}gov or Borderstan at borderstan{at}gmail{dot}com.


John Mitchell said...

Where the link to the blog???

Mr. 14th & You said...

You can access it here: or through the links on the right side of the main page.

Brandon said...

Sounds like a great, worthwhile event!

Lauren said...

Correct website (at least for the Virginia one):

Not even the Washington Post has it right online.