Friday, January 30, 2009

Just Ignore the Unconscious Bleeding Guy Over There

Courtesy of DCist, from WJLA this morning comes a story that, while rare, seems a little too familiar. Seems that a homeless man got into a scuffle with a couple of other homeless men over a beer up in Columbia Heights. The argument escalates, and the next thing we see is the man laying motionless on the curb in front of a grocery store, knocked unconscious after being pushed into a parked van and striking his head. The man is not expected to survive his injuries.

That by itself would be bad enough, but as the video posted to the WJLA site shows, the man lay motionless on the ground for over 20 minutes before someone called for medical help. In the video we see people walking past, some noticing and others not. Even the owner of the van arrives with groceries, proceeds to load them into his car, and ignores the man laying there.

I've no real commentary to add to this, other than to remark on the obvious: this is a sad example of humanity.

For those who are wondering, the perpetrators have been caught and may be charged with homicde if the man dies.

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