Thursday, May 1, 2008

Monthly ANC 2F Meeting Is Next Wed.

Come out to the Washington Plaza Hotel on Thomas Circle on Wednesday, May 7 at 7 p.m. for the monthly ANC meeting. If you haven't been, I recommend that you go a few times this year. Once you've attended, you will learn so much about city offices and who can help you with what. You can speak directly to a DDOT representative, talk to Lt. Smith for more crime information or to express your concerns, and communicate to your commissioner about persistent problems in your area -- from nuisance property to noisy bars. Once you know how things work, you'll be in a great position if you ever have need the help of the DC government to address your needs.

Also of note: two commissioner seats will be coming open soon. Jerome Sikorski, elected on this past year and Jim Richardson are resigning. Go to the the ANC 2F website to see if you fall within their single member districts.

The following is this month's agenda:


7:00 Call to Order

7:00 Commissioner Announcements

7:10 PSA 307 Report - Lt. Mike Smith, Metropolitan Police Department, 3D

7:15 Report from Executive Office of the Mayor–Abby Petersen

7:18 DDOT Report - Christopher Ziemann, Ward 2 Transportation Planner

7:25 DDOT Urban Forestry Administration- Liz Tylander

7:30 Community Announcements

- 10 Minute Recess -


7:45 Approval of Agenda

7:45 Approval of Minutes of Meeting of April 2, 2008

Resignations of Jim Richardson and Jerome Sikorski and election of
interim Treasurer and Secretary

7:50 Crime and Public Safety Matters
ANC2F Crime and Public Safety Committee Report (Helen Kramer, Chair)

8:35 ABRA Matters
CulinAerie Stipulated license –Susan Holt
Renewal Notice LHO Tom Joad Circle- 1155 14th St, NW CH02 #74461
Dates: Posting April 11, Petition May 27, Hearing June 11 @10:00 AM

8:40 Community Development Committee Matters
Public Space Permit for Outside Seating at the ACKC Cocoa Bar, 1529
14th Street
Public Space Permit for Outside Seating at Park 920 14th Street, NW
Report on 14th Streetscape Project (Brian Vargas)

9:00 New Business
Dog park application- George Kassouf
Public Space Permit, 1408 Rhode Island Ave, NW.

9:10 Treasurer's Report
Approval of Expenditures

9:15 Adjournment

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