Monday, March 10, 2008

Street Sweeping (and Parking Enforcement) to Resume March 24

For those who may not know (because the city doesn't exactly go bonkers promoting this kind of thing), residential street sweeping will resume on Monday, March 24. This means that not only will the sweeper make a weekly appearance on your street to get rid of the fast food wrappers, leaf detritus and other stuff collecting in the gutters--it means that parking enforcement will be out as well. For those of us along the 1200 and 1300 blocks of R St. and sorrounding blocks, it also means that the olympic event of scrambling for a spot on the "right" side of the street with all of the Sunday church-goers is about to resume as well.

So, game on.

Below is the email sent out by ANC2F06 commissioner Mike Bernardo on the subject.

This is to inform you that weekly residential street cleaning operationsresume on Monday, March 24, 2008. Alternate-side parking restrictionsduring street sweeping hours will be in effect once again. Parkingcitations will be issued to vehicles parked during street sweeping hours inareas posted with "No Parking/Street Cleaning" signs.

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